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Interferential therapy (IFT) is a commonly used modality in physiotherapy practice for pain relief. Pain relief is believed to be achieved through the production of endogenous opioids like endorphins and enkephalins.

Therapeutic ultrasound is a treatment commonly used in physical therapy to provide deep heating to soft tissues in the body. These tissues include muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. Ultrasound in physical therapy is different than diagnostic ultrasound

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, (TENS) , is a modality that uses electric current to activate nerves in order to decrease pain. The TENS unit is a small device, often battery-operated, which can sometimes even fit into a pocket.

Laser therapy The laser has therapeutic effects which help to: Increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which accelerates the repair process of the cell. Some molecules that increase inflammation are reduced and beneficial antioxidants are increased. Faster wound healing. Laser Therapy is effective on open wounds also.Laser therapy is considered by many professionals and patients to be a very effective tool in improving injury condition.

Muscle stimulation Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a type of electrotherapy stimulates a muscle contraction using electrical impulses in order strengthen weak muscles, reduce swelling, relieve pain and help heal wounds. The impulses are generated by the device and are delivered through electrodes on the skin near to the muscles being stimulated. The electrodes are generally pads that adhere to the skin. The impulses mimic the action potential that comes from the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract. Doctors use electrical muscle stimulation to help treat pain and heal injured, weak, or diseased muscles.


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